our mission


Life is busy with work, running errands, attending meetings, being a taxi mom (or dad), going to watch your child play their favourite sport, it's endless.  Well, at Joyful Lynne's Kitchen, we provide family meals at amazing prices.

Ordering from us saves you from having to think about what to cook, when to cook it, cleaning up your mess, or leaving a tip, and we'll deliver right to your door!

We appreciate every one of you who have been supporting Joyful Lynne Catering.  We're soaring, and greeting new faces everyday! We're overjoyed by the spectacular response we've received, and all the amazing encouragement, reviews and kind words along the way. You've welcomed Joyful Lynne into your town with open arms.

Thank you, Amherstburg!


Donald Ouellette, Executive Chef

Tracey Clark, V.P. Operations

Proudly Canadian